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This page features wonderful authentic American antique clocks - grandfather clocks, mantle clocks and even cuckoo clocks.

The fascination that people have with old clocks somewhat stymied us until we saw some of the exquisite timepieces manufactured hundreds of years ago that our visitors have brought to our attention. There is a significant difference between antique furniture and antique clocks - a clock is a mechanical device - it is an intricate and precision made instrument. It embodies an engineering element not required by furniture.

Unlike the Pentium III an antique clock was manufactured by a craftsman by hand. The "works" of the clock were in many cases hand stamped. The weights and timing mechanisms were sheer genius and a labor of love. Furthermore the finish of many of these precision instruments, whether the wooden casements or the mechanical insides, is an extraordinary example of dedication and artistry.

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R. Whiting Winchester Grandfather Clock signed/waranteed to July 10, 1828

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Antique Clock Authenticated by 4AntiqueFurniture.comThis marvelous R. Whiting Winchester Grandfather Clock signed and "waranteed by its maker" until July 10, 1828, was acquired in 1943 from Dwight D. Moore. It graced the owner's hallway and ticked away until the house had to be sold.  It features extensive delicate wood inlays from its base right up to its classic crown and finial. Hopefully this clock will chime again for the right new owner. Dimensions: 16"W x 9"D x 90"H. For Display Only. Owner ID: SW1. Item#: 3001.

Mantel Clock by Seth Thomas dates from the late 1800's.

Description: Seth Thomas miniature antique mantel clock shows signs of its age, but as it was "Waranteed Good" it still works just fine! Circe 1890 this adorable mantle clock features a delicate floral pattern in its lower door panel.

Antique Mantle Clock Thomas Connecticut authenticated by Dimensions: 7"W x 3 3/4"D x 9" High
Offering Price: For Display Only
Owner ID: RS01   Item#: 3002
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Seth Thomas miniature mantle clock was "Waranteed Good" by the manufacturer.

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