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This page will give you some valuable ideas and direction on getting your antiques appraised.

Getting a proper appraisal of your antiques or antique furniture is one of the most important steps you should take if you are contemplating their sale. All too often folks simply "consign" away their valuable items without the insight into their value that a proper appraisal provides. As a result items may be put up for sale at auction without proper identification, resulting in unfair sale prices to the seller.

One key word of caution regarding selection of an antiques appraiser - you do not want to engage an appraiser that charges a fee based upon the valuation he or she returns. An ethical appraiser will charge you an hourly rate for his or her time, will thoroughly document your items, including pictures, and will research recent sales of comparable items to develop a fair valuation.

For those who want to know more, we will be publishing special editions of our newsletter soon. They will tell you steps you can take to maximize your antiques value and obtain the highest possible selling prices for your antiques. Among other things the special newsletters will explain why antique values and prices vary from buyer to buyer, from market to market and from time to time. Time and exposure are two of the most critical elements to maximize antiques prices. Subscribe now and you won't miss a single issue on this important subject.

Note this web page is still under development. There will soon be national and web listings of antiques appraisal services here, and through our City Search you will be able to locate expert and ethical antique furniture appraisers in your immediate area.

Antiques Appraisal: Furniture Appraisers - National and Web Listings

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